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Ten Thousand Things Jewelry: A Tapestry of Timeless Beauty

TENTHOUSANDTHINGS, a collection of fine jewelry, is the creative work of Ron Anderson and David Rees, who transitioned to jewelry making from successful careers in fashion retail. Operating from their workshop in downtown New York City, they painstakingly craft contemporary heirlooms from silver and gold. Their inspiration stems from the abstract shapes found in nature, intended to showcase meticulously chosen gemstones like Sleeping Beauty turquoise, black opals, and American natural pearls.

Their relentless pursuit of exceptional gemstones recently led them to a stone carving workshop in Jaipur. Here, David and Ron collaborate closely with skilled craftsmen who hand-carve their wax designs, creating both new shapes and reviving archived ones using traditional techniques refined over decades. This process magically transforms rough stones into radiant hand-carved forms, preserving the intended subtlety and nuance, destined to become unique earrings and necklaces.

This ongoing partnership allows David and Ron to offer personalized pieces to their discerning clientele regularly, alongside the enduring demand for their classic styles.

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