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Carol Kauffmann: A Symphony of Gems and Artistry

Carol Kauffmann, a Brazilian, possesses an ardent passion for contemporary art, history, and modern technologies. Her selective perception of the world has placed the act of creation at the forefront of her personal and professional development. Following a successful career in the textile industry, Carol Kauffmann earned degrees as a goldsmith, designer, and jeweler. Her unique and original style was evident from the outset, and the jewelry she crafts carries a distinctive and instantly recognizable character.
Her creations captivate and continue to gain a global following.
The seamless blending of gold with vibrant gemstones, the fusion of shapes and materials, and the evocation of well-being through each piece as a symbol of identity are all elegantly apparent.
The outcome is a jeweler who values attitude, appreciates Brazil’s natural riches, and gracefully adapts to contemporary behaviors and customs.

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