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Crafting Dreams in Gemstone: The Inspirational Odyssey of Pari Jewel’s Jewelry Designs

Born in Athens, Pari Sofianou is all about cosmic-mechanic jewelry.
She lived in London for many years, where she studied Scenography at St.Martins College of Art. Soon after she met her mentor, Pippa Small who introduced her to the world of Jewellery.


Pari is a true dreamer full of creativity and fantasy.
It is no surprise that Pari’s jewelry line is inspired by the cosmos and its mechanics, the mysteries surrounding the world, and the galaxies out there.

The Alchemist Collection

The Alchemist collection was inspired by a journey to Egypt, where Pari was mesmerized by the vast landscapes and the profound cultural heritage of Ancient Egypt. Drawing inspiration from this experience, she set out to create a collection that would be both intricate in design and profound in its symbolism. Through the art of Sigils, Pari crafted amulets that not only offered protection but also conveyed timeless tales.

The Medici Collection

The Medici family has been the muse behind Pari’s newest collection. Known for their profound impact on the Renaissance era, their intricate style portrayed in various artworks, coupled with their cosmic theories that transcend philosophy, served as the driving force behind the creation of the Medici Collection.

The Uranos Collection

The Uranos collection is a product of Pari’s fascination with the origin of galaxies and constellations. Inspired by ancient maps and magical Greek myths, each piece represents a unique aspect of the solar system, star constellations, and galaxies, telling captivating stories that lie hidden within them.

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